At P.H.I. Construction we pride ourselves on our ability to meet our client’s needs.

Whether your Concern is Quality, Budget, working Long Distance Or a combination of all these, we have the experience to bring your dreams to life in a comfortable and practical way. Feel free to call us for more information and to arrange a tour of some of the many fine projects we have completed.

After all, from start to finish, your satisfaction is our number one concern.

P.H.I. Construction Specializes in

  1. Soil Testing & Engineering
  2. Cost Analysis / Budgeting
  3. Land Clearing Demucking & Fill
  4. Architectural Design
  5. House Pads
  6. Reduces Aggravation
  1. Flat Fees
  2. Level of Comfort
  3. Efficient
  4. Education
  5. Experience
  6. One Stop Shop

• Approved Contractor for Home Depot Home Services

• Experienced Contractor in the Town of Southwest Ranches and Davie

License #: CGC-059656